Goodbye January

January 31st, 2017

It’s the last day of the first month of the year, aka, everyone's struggle month! I’m actually quite happy, I find January’s to be very slow and dreary (especially this year). It’s the wet ground and the never ending grey skies, lack of sunshine and the way it gets dark by 4 pm. I’ve made myself a promise that I won’t spend my time wishing my days away, especially when they’re not living up to my ideal aesthetics, however, I'm not at all sad to see this month come to a close because it means we’re getting closer to spring! yaaays!

Today was no exception to the expectations, I'm currently sitting on the floor in my living room, eating the remnants of the raspberry and red currant curd I made earlier. A very simple recipe, but due to a rather annoying exploding incident, (ok, it was less of an explosion and more of a very loud crack) which saw the end of my beautiful beaded mixing bowl, the whole making of this recipe took 3 times as long as it should have. As if my time wasn't limited enough already.

Whilst I made a mad dash to the supermarket to replace unsalvageable ingredients, my mother was kind enough to lend me her ear so that I could whinge away my frustrations with myself, she didn't miss a beat, and was perfectly agreeable when I declared that my current predicament sucked. She told me to just smile at the mess and move on, which is advice I agreed with and took. I smiled and I went on with my errand, though my day was now starting to feel unproductive and funky, and I don't mean funky in the way that wild cherry wanted the white boy to play his music.

30 minutes later, I returned home with a Sainsbury's bag containing unsalted butter, red currants, raspberries, eggs and cream of tartar. Though my ingredients were unsalvageable, I was determined to salvage my mood, so I browsed through my playlists and found one that would lift my spirits!...... Playlist on deck in spite of the terribly grey skies and ugly wet ground going on outside, I danced and sang my way to bright and tasty results and much-improved mood.

I hope you’ve had or are having a good day. If not, get into the playlist below and sing and dance your way into cheeriness!

P.S……the raspberry and redcurrant curd will be a component to my valentines day recipe which will be up on the website at some point next week!! 

P.P.S…….I’m revoking the Friday playlists…i’ll be sharing a new list as and when I feel I have a good mix worth sharing!

Without further delay,  have yourself a dance party on me!

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