Is Coce an Organic Brand?

Coce is not currently a Certified Organic Brand, however, we are working towards being certified by the Soil Association. With that said, when selecting oils and actives for our blends and formulations, we do choose Organic where possible and work in line with the organic standard set by the Soil association.

An asterisk (*) next to each ingredient in our ingredient list signifies an Organic ingredient.

Coce can guarantee that it will remain free from; sulphates, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, parabens and SLS


 What is Coce’s definition of “Natural” ingredients?

The “Natural” area of the beauty and skincare industry is currently functioning without any strict or clear guidelines as to what makes a product “Natural”

Coce’s definition of ‘Natural’ is any naturally derived plant based materials; such as essential oils, carrier oil, raw butters and plant based extracts.


Do we test on animals?

We do not test on animals and are completely against the practice. All our products are put through the mandatory cosmetic testing required by the EU to ensure products are safe for use and then trialled by humans for effectiveness.

From time to time Coce may do a call for human testers!! Keep an eye out on our instagram and twitter if you’d like to get involved with our process before launching any new products in the future.


How long will our products last?

This varies depending on the type of product you purchased;

Water Based Products (Anything that has the word cream, lotion, sometimes serum) – These will always come with a use by sticker on the bottom of the bottle, this sticker will let you know the shelf life of your product.

  • Our preservation system in our water based products are Naturally derived, therefore they are packaged in pump bottles in order to protect them from contamination. Please do not stick fingers or any other objects into the emulsion unless you plan to use the entire content of the bottle in that current time.

Oil Based Products – (Any product named or containing the words, Balm, face oil, body oil, sometimes body butter, sometimes serum) – These products are free from water and are unpreserved, we use Vitamin E to extend the life of the oils and butter, but Vitamin E is not a preservative and will not protect against microbes, bacteria or mold growing in your product, so it is important to take the following precautions to protect your oil based products;

  • Avoid introducing water and dirt to your oil based products. We supply small boomerang spoons with our butters in order for you to scoop your butter instead of using fingers.
  • Store butters and oils in a cool and dry environment in order to avoid accelerating the oils natural degradation process.

Based on testing, our oil based products should remain stable for up to 2 years, however, the longer you leave your oil based products, the less effective they are due to the natural degradation process, we recommend using your oil based products within 6 months of purchase.



The Sweet Smell Of Beauty

Our products are blended and formulated strictly for their skin benefits and not for their olfactory aesthetics, aka, the smell (this does not apply to our Coce Olfactory products due in 2016). If you are new to using essential oils or products containing essential oils, you may find that you enjoy the scent of some more than others. However, you will find that in time you'll grow to appreciate the initially less pleasing scents, as well as their aromatherapy benefits.


How do you know the suitability of each Coce Product?

We have employed a number system to help you quickly ascertain the suitability of each product from Coce. Products have indicative numbers printed next to the brands name on the box and jar/bottles and are as follows;

01 - For Face

02 - For Body

03 - For Hands

04 - For Lips


If a product's suitability is multifunctional, you will find a combination of each indicative number on the packaging, Our Antioxidant Butter is a great example of this, as it is suitable for use on both the Face and Body it has a combination of the numbers "01/02".


If you have any other questions, Please fill in out contact form or email