build a skin care routine for your body

We spend a great deal of time and money on trying to find the holy grail of products to help keep the skin on our faces in good knick. There is a lot of trial and error involved in the process and it does require some patience.

The same effort placed on taking care of the skin on our faces, should also be extended to caring for the skin on the rest of our bodies, because it is in fact just as important.

Developing a skincare routine for the rest of your body is vital in helping to prevent damage from extreme weather conditions and general daily wear and tear, which can induce stress and trauma. 

 signs of poor skin health:

Blotchiness/uneven skin tone

 The skin is very good at letting us know when our body is not happy. Lack of sleep, dehydration and poor nutrition can lead to poor health and this will be reflected in the skin via the appearance of blotchy colouring and uneven skin tone.


How to tackle the problem  

·       Get those solid 8 hours in every night, no excuses. This benefits the skin all over your body, not just your face.

·       Moisturise from the inside out by increasing your water intake, try to drink at least 2 litres per day, and no, wine does not count as H20. (don’t give me that spiel about how Jesus turned water into wine, thus effectively making wine water).

·       Pay attention to the foods you eat and make sure you have a nice balanced intake of all the right food groups.

·       Keep your choices fresh and colourful and try not to over indulge on a regular basis.

·       Choose your skincare products wisely; taking care of your skin from the outside is a very important step in a healthy lifestyle. The products you choose should infuse vital nourishment into your skin along with working to support and protect your skins natural barrier functions. 

renewing butter & renewing face oil

renewing butter & renewing face oil

antioxidant butter

antioxidant butter


Rashes on your skin may indicate underlying medical issues or allergies. They can also be a sign that the products you are using on your skin are simply too harsh for you.

If rashes develop in correlation with using a new product on your skin, discontinue use instantly.

In general, it is always best to be assessed by a healthcare professional, just in case the rashes are the cause of a more serious underlying medical issue.


Acne can be traumatising to those suffering from it and unfortunately there is no quick fix or overnight cures. Acne is not exclusive to the face and can sometimes be found on other areas of the body, including the back, arms, or in some cases, the entire body. 

The causes vary anywhere from the build up of bacteria on the skin, the over production of oils, the irregular shedding of dead skin cells and also your diet.

How to tackle the problem

Developing good skincare habits and omitting certain types of food from your plates can help to greatly improve and control the appearance and breakout frequencies.

  •   Keep your skincare products to a minimum, as throwing everything under the sun at the problem could have the opposite intended effect.
  •   The ideal acne skincare treatment will kill bacteria and promote regular and consistent cell turnover whilst soothing and calming the skin.
  •  When choosing your skincare products, look for ones that contain AHA’s and BHA’S, they work exceptionally well to dry up spots and sloth off dead skin.

This is one situation where being more hands on will work against you. Keep restless hands and fingers away from any area of your body affected by acne, as this is another way to introduce bacteria to the skin and will only work in causing your skin to be more irritated and increase the risk of infections.

  •   German Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium and Tea tree essential oils are all anti-fungals, antibacterial and antiseptics and are outstanding when it comes to calming, soothing and healing angry irritated skin.
  •   Geranium is also excellent for balancing the sebum produced by the skin, which makes it perfect for acne sufferers.

If you suffer from mild acne or breakouts try using our Calming Face Oil. This oil was developed around chamomile, lavender, Bisabolol, comfrey, calendula & arctic oat extract, which all have great properties to help with settling the skin.


Hyper-pigmentation is a condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour in comparison to the surrounding skin. Many different factors can contribute to the cause including, inflammation and subsequent post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, trauma to the skin, medication and medical conditions/diseases such as Addison’s disease and sun exposure to name a few.

How to tackle the problem

  •  Do not pick at your pimples and spots, and learn the right method and right time to pop them. This video by will tell you all you need to know. 
  •  Avoid prolonged and direct exposure to the sun without sunscreen, also try to find a good mineral based sunscreen and be sure to apply it accordingly.
  •  If it’s too late to prevent hyper-pigmentation, then exfoliating products should help to improve and fade them. These also include exfoliation body moisturisers, body washes and body scrubs. 
  • Conditioning the skin is also very important, our  Regenerative Face Oil or our Antioxidant Butter would be ideal for conditioning and regenerating skin that is suffering and struggling with hyper-pigmentation.


If this is how your skin is presenting itself, a lack of exfoliating and moisturising might be the problem.

It’s been said before, but it bares repeating, exfoliating is important to help sloth away dead skin. It improves the texture and appearance of the skin, which makes it ideal for tackling rough/flaky/scaly skin.

How to tackle the problem

There are two types of exfoliators; manual/physical and chemical.

  • Manual/physical exfoliators - These include loofahs, washcloths, skin scrubs and skin brushes such as Clarisonic. These require you to physically scrub your body and face to remove dead skin and dirt.
  • Chemical exfoliators – there are two types of chemical exfoliators; AHA’s(Alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (Beta hydroxy acids), these can be found in skincare products such as face washes and body creams, they work by penetrating the top layer of the skin to dissolve dead cells.

The skin is perfectly prepped to receive moisture and active ingredients after exfoliation. So be sure to make the most of the opportunity. It is important to select the right type of moisturiser for your skin type and needs. Both oil and water based moisturisers are great for taking care of your skin, but they moisturise the skin in slightly different ways.

  •  Oil based moisturisers such as body oils, whipped body butters and balms are pure oils and work by trapping and locking moisture, which results in plump and smooth looking skin.  Their emollient qualities mean they are also ideal for conditioning and protecting the skin especially during wintertime
  • Water based moisturisers such as; body creams, body lotions and body/skin milk are usually a blend of water, oils & other active ingredients. They are absorbed faster by the skin and are great for delivering additional moisture due to their water content.

Try our Renewing Face Oil or Renewing butter after showering or bathing. The entire Renewing collection is formulated to moisturise and renew dry and tired skin, whilst introducing some very wonderful nutrition to the skin.


What to take into consideration when building a skin routine for your body

1.     Ascertain your skin type, this will help you to decide the qualities to look for in the products you’ll be buying and trying.

2.     Keeping your skin type in mind, start doing some research. Look for products that have clean ingredient lists, ideally from a brand that focuses on using nourishing ingredients that are from natural sources.

3.     You’ll need products that Exfoliate/clean, moisturise and protect.

Keep it simple and focused, and once you’ve developed your skincare routine for your body, adapt it with the seasons, the same way you do with you facial routine.

Until next time

Kay xx

hello again

It's been a while, but we're extremely happy and very excited to be back on the journey with growing Coce Skincare. If you are not familiar, Coce is small batch, hand crafted skin care brand. Each product is formulated with carefully selected plant-based Ingredients, chosen for their healing, restorative and protective properties.

On our break from trading, we went back to the drawing board to find the ways in which we could improve the brand and it's overall eco-friendliness. We identified the weak areas and took the steps that were necessary to make them right. So in preparation for rebranding, we will be rolling out our products from all 3 collections, with a special 50% sale. The sale will continue until stocks of our current packaging (bottles & boxes) are depleted. 

We are incredibly excited and cannot wait to share our new and improved look and in addition, all the new products we've been working on. Until then, you can shop coce skincare here



Hands down, one of our favourite places for a family day out would be Kew Botanical Gardens, It's peaceful and tranquil and exploring the generous grounds and wandering in and out of the green houses & conservatories helps to calm my easily anxious heart. We've been visiting at least twice a year for the past 4 years, G loves it too. We decided to plan a trip this past Saturday to kick off G's half term week, however, it was a viciously cold day, once again the weather was trying it's very best to provide us with snow, but we rallied and went about our day in spite of it all. As usual we wanted to wander the grounds, to see what was new and possibly make our way around more of the space than we've done in the past (it's a personal challenge to actually see all there is to be seen there). But, the weather said no, in fact, the weather said I will punish you for leaving the warmth of your home today, your fingers will burn from the cold and your ribs will ache from tensing. The kid had plans, "I want to see everything" she said and I badly wanted to deliver her desires, because I desired the same experience too, however after spending a good hour in the Princess of Wales Conservatory taking in the spectacular Orchid's on display for the orchid festival, we became acclimated to the warmth and completely forgot the reality that awaited us outside. On returning to the great outdoors, the cold was a shock to the system and thoughts of home were beckoning, we grabbed something to eat and negotiated with the kid, pocket money and permission to buy any sweet of her choosing granted us our wish of leaving earlier than planned. Anyways, i've rambled on enough, I managed to capture a few (maybe more than a few) shots of all the beauty in the Princess Of Wales Conservatory below, and if you're looking for a lovely day out and you live in London or planning a trip to London, Kew is definitely worth your time!

Until next time

Kay xxx


Goodbye January

January 31st, 2017

It’s the last day of the first month of the year, aka, everyone's struggle month! I’m actually quite happy, I find January’s to be very slow and dreary (especially this year). It’s the wet ground and the never ending grey skies, lack of sunshine and the way it gets dark by 4 pm. I’ve made myself a promise that I won’t spend my time wishing my days away, especially when they’re not living up to my ideal aesthetics, however, I'm not at all sad to see this month come to a close because it means we’re getting closer to spring! yaaays!

Today was no exception to the expectations, I'm currently sitting on the floor in my living room, eating the remnants of the raspberry and red currant curd I made earlier. A very simple recipe, but due to a rather annoying exploding incident, (ok, it was less of an explosion and more of a very loud crack) which saw the end of my beautiful beaded mixing bowl, the whole making of this recipe took 3 times as long as it should have. As if my time wasn't limited enough already.

Whilst I made a mad dash to the supermarket to replace unsalvageable ingredients, my mother was kind enough to lend me her ear so that I could whinge away my frustrations with myself, she didn't miss a beat, and was perfectly agreeable when I declared that my current predicament sucked. She told me to just smile at the mess and move on, which is advice I agreed with and took. I smiled and I went on with my errand, though my day was now starting to feel unproductive and funky, and I don't mean funky in the way that wild cherry wanted the white boy to play his music.

30 minutes later, I returned home with a Sainsbury's bag containing unsalted butter, red currants, raspberries, eggs and cream of tartar. Though my ingredients were unsalvageable, I was determined to salvage my mood, so I browsed through my playlists and found one that would lift my spirits!...... Playlist on deck in spite of the terribly grey skies and ugly wet ground going on outside, I danced and sang my way to bright and tasty results and much-improved mood.

I hope you’ve had or are having a good day. If not, get into the playlist below and sing and dance your way into cheeriness!

P.S……the raspberry and redcurrant curd will be a component to my valentines day recipe which will be up on the website at some point next week!! 

P.P.S…….I’m revoking the Friday playlists…i’ll be sharing a new list as and when I feel I have a good mix worth sharing!

Without further delay,  have yourself a dance party on me!

just listen

It’s Saturday, not Friday, I’m supposed to deliver playlists on Fridays and not Saturdays, but I ran out of time yesterday, therefore I decided to save it for this morning. It’s been one of those weeks….you know the ones that kind off whizz by in the blink of an eye, I've been working non-stop on a few projects for HOC. Giselle’s also had a little bit of a rough week too, tummy aches and vomiting. I picked her up from school on Thursday, resulting in a sick day yesterday, so between tending to her, tending to our new puppy (more on him another time) and trying to work, I'm pretty much spent. I’ve decided to have a chilled Saturday today, it’s fitting as it’s currently freezing outside. On my to-do list today; chill with the family, complete homework with the mini, entertain these ideas I've been having for Coce skincare, and take it easy. I have a recipe for orange madeleines (I'll give them a more imaginative name eventually,  lol, that's just the working title) that I'm hoping to have on the website next week, I may just make and photograph those depending on how the day comes together.  Now about this playlist, it's a chilled and mellow one, perfect for days like today.
P.S….if you have young kids like I do, be prepared to skip a few tracks due to explicit language, otherwise, enjoy!


just listen

Music is rooted in and transcends culture, social structures and almost all religions. It is a powerful medium that has no social hierarchy and is a reliable bridge between generations. Because of the way in which it evolves, it often requires its own history to drive it forward. It borrows from culture, religion and the past but requires musical innovativeness in order to become something new, something reinvented.

It comes as no surprise that we would find music at the centre of most familial traditions. With a lot of families there are usually 3 to 4 generations alive at the same time which gives a pretty decent foundation for exposing and influencing musical taste and there is no better time to instil these differences than when we partake in our own familial traditions. 

I was born in Jamaica and my first memories of music within my family gatherings include vinyl, turntables, huge speaker boxes that my uncles would make by hand, I remember Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Bob Marley, Beenie man, Toni Braxton & Celine Dion. This was way back when I was 8 or 9 circa 1995 to 96, vinyl was a big deal back then and I can directly attribute my love for vinyl’s to my familial traditions during my childhood.

In 97, I moved to London to be with my mother.  As expected, moving to a country with a more diverse population and its own identity to contribute to music, I found that my musical taste expanded as I got older, not only taking steps across and into different genres, but also reaching back into the past, to the offerings that preceded me, I can love anything, as long as it resonates with me on a particular level. Our family gatherings now are still decorated with music, but the type of music is greatly dependent on the occasion or the time of year. 

But what makes great music? This is debatable that’s for sure, different strokes for different folks type of thing, I know for me to recognise great music, it has to include a good singer, one that exercises great control over their voice, someone with a distinct and unique tone. Musicality, regardless of genre, is major key also, when Kendrick Lamar released “To pimp a butterfly” I didn’t realise that I could take rap/hip hop to my soul the way I did with this album, he drove home socially relevant messages with a passion that wasn’t just evident in his vocal offerings which were often times melodic, but also in the composition of his lyrics, the choices of instruments, the intertwining and lacing of free jazz, spoken words and funk.  This album has a definite place in my growing collection.

Your definition of great music may sound completely different to mine; you may be someone that appreciates the sounds of the instruments over the sounds of someone singing. Maybe your musical love is ingrained via ceremonial or cultural rituals. Whatever your preference may be, I’d like to invite you to listen and share some of your favourite songs, singers and albums. Stop by the website on Friday evenings, click on the "Listen" option in the Nav bar up above to hear what i've got to offer. 

 So, being that today is Friday and all, here's my first playlist, it features some my favourite female Jazz singers, who also happen to be some of the best Jazz singers of all time. Grab a glass of wine or a glass of water, a mug of tea....whatever it may be, press play and chill out.

P.S, I know Louis Armstrong is on there, but he's tag teaming it with Ella, so you that voice! 

"You jump I jump Jack"

Most of us enter the new year filled with the greatest of intentions, we see it as a fresh start and we welcome it with hopes that this year will be “my year”. For some, however, the idea of setting intentions/resolutions is a pointless and overly zealous tradition, i’ve seen countless posts/memes on social media poking fun at those that make their resolutions and break them by the end of January. Though I wouldn’t go as far as saying that a New Year will bring a new me, I can say that i’m definitely a fan of New year resolutions and intentions, because they’re a sign of hope and mindfulness. The very act of setting intentions for oneself is a clear indication that we are at the very least, wanting to achieve and make changes and that we indeed want to see growth within ourselves.

At the end of 2015, I was particularly inspired to do more of what I loved. I had two goals, one was to create what is now House Of Coce and the second was to roll out a collaborative project I had pitched to a group of amazing green beauty bloggers. These goals became my new year resolution for 2016. I was filled to the brim with ideas, the very thought of bringing them to life brought butterflies to my stomach. The aura that followed me around was thick and dense and I was high on it, I was at my most inspired, most hopeful and extremely excited for what laid ahead. I wanted to expand the platform that I already had. I love natural skincare and I was digging the direction that I was taking Coce Skincare, there’s so much more to the picture, so much more driving that love.

But as I mentioned, we are all too familiar with what comes next, once the resolutions are set, the hardest part for most is usually sticking with them and seeing them through. While I did stick with my resolutions, I did digress.

HOC was intended to be launched in March of 2016, then again in June, then late Summer and then finally in October of 2016, but it never happened. Why? because I got hyper focused on tiny and sometimes insignificant details, because sometimes during my almost non-existent creative process (having a creative process kills my creativity so I tend to avoid a very structured process) I can be very indecisive, I dissect and over analyse, I'm sometimes very picky and if a thing isn’t exactly how I intended it to be, I'm not scared to scrap it and start again…..Just ask the walls in my living room that got painted a total of 4 times in the space of a 2 weeks because the particular shades of paint were not what I had envisioned.

The beauty project was to be rolled out for the summer of 2016, which also did not happen, however, the reasons for delay were completely out of my hands. Regardless, it was still another source of frustration and anxiety.

I became my own worst critic and to add the cherry on top of my self-inflicted distractions, I started to develop an acute fear of failure and of getting it wrong, sending me into an unrelenting state of over thinking things. oy vey!

Suffice it to say that by year end I was less than impressed with myself…..I was disappointed. I felt as though I had let myself down, I didn’t achieve the goals that I had set. I wasn’t excited to bring in 2017, that is, until it occurred to me that these are long term goals, plans get delayed, ideas shift and evolve, creativity is not set and bound, it's messy, crazy, it strikes at the oddest of moments and recedes when it is forced. These plans do not belong to 2016, they belong to me and I get to decide how these dreams of mine play out, however, in order to do that, I need to learn to respect my own pace, respect my 'non process process' and even try to enjoy it more by living in the moment.

So my new year resolution for 2017 is to jump. “You jump I jump jack”

I’ll be jumping with everyone else, jumping into 2017 with the next phase of this journey, i'll focus on the here and now, i'll respect my own time and i'll be kinder to myself. Ready or not i’ll be going against my own fears and i’ll be taking that leap. My hope is to fly! So i’m jumping with you all and i’ll be doing it with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

With all this said, I hope that your 2017 has gotten off to a determined and inspired start for you. Here’s to a steady, soul serving, successful and enriched 2017.


Happy New Year everyone! 

Familial Traditions

Traditions are the continuation of customs, rituals, unwritten laws and beliefs passed on from generation to generation. They are repetitive and intentional, usually seeing us breaking from the routines of our normal day to day life. Quite often they require us to put more effort into our thought process and preparation so that we are able to bring these moments to life.

My favourite types of traditions to be a part of are the ones that include family, familial traditions, i'm particularly drawn to the way in which they can help to create a story and a timeline of great memories. Encompassing treasured tastes, sounds, smells and sights that shape our lives from childhood into adulthood. They are the heart and soul of a family, helping to strengthen bonds, offering comfort and instilling and reinforcing values as well as being the cornerstones of friendships that span decades.  The joys that season these traditions are usually punctuated with food, music, stories, rituals, travel, special events and games and these are the moments that matter to me, the moments that fill me up.

I grew up in Jamaica and I can still recall certain details from my childhood, distinct smells and sounds; Sorrel at Christmas time or the smell of chicken being fried for Sunday dinner, and while we're on the subject of Sundays, It would be a safe bet that a Sanchez or Bob Marley vinyl would be spinning on the turntable stereo system in the living room. My favourite parts were definitely our Saturday morning ritual of watching cartoons, my least favourite?...having to endure the live cricket broadcasts on the radio, lol. 

I had a rich childhood, sensorially  speaking. Growing up on an island is almost like being birthed with an old soul, at least from my experience, it was more than just the physical aspects of life, the 'felt moments' were always reliable, especially at family get togethers and events. Without a doubt, Christmas time is my favourite time of year, my sense of awareness is always heightened, I can vividly recall one particular moment from the last Christmas I spent on the island before moving to London, I was standing outside staring up at the stars in the night sky whilst eating after 8 thin mints, I remember thinking of my mother, or maybe I was just feeling her presence, but physically she wasn't there, she had moved to London and I was living with my aunt and cousins. The thin mints were gifts sent from her, as was the night dress I was wearing. I remember having mixed feelings I missed her, but i also felt close to her, I felt loved.

I speak of these moments and feelings because I value them, I value the traditions my family took part in, because they kept me grounded when I needed them the most. Now that i'm a mother, it's very important to me that i'm able to create a home that embodies comfort, love and security for my daughter, I want to stain her sensorial memories with traditions, to instil within her, treasured moments and values. I work hard to make her birthdays and christmases memorable, but don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that these occasions are always grand, they are, however, always done with thought.

The idea for House Of Coce is inspired by and rooted in familial traditions. As is obvious, my belief is that value should be placed on all the elements that make up the timeline of our lives, especially the ones that keep us anchored. The intentions, the preparations, family & friends, the stories within the stories, the tastes, the sounds, the smells, the ingrained rituals that promote self-care, coming togetherness and reconnecting, recharging and the ability that a family has to refocus and ground you. The goal for HOC is to build a community with an open dialogue, a platform that unites likeminded individuals that are wanting to share fragments of their journey through life. 

Perhaps your own familial traditions are laced with similar rituals, maybe instead of fried chicken with rice and peas for Sunday dinner, you look forward to a Sunday roast lunch, maybe every bed time is proceeded with story time with your kid/s or a reflection of your day and sharing your highs and or lows, Pizza or Chinese for dinner every Friday night, a Christmas tree decorating party every year, planting a tree when a new child is born. Whatever they may be, collectively, these rituals help to instil and encourage tight bonds within families and friendships. With all that being said, I do hope that you will jump in if you feel moved to do so, but for the time being, i will be sharing with you my version of those details, reaching back and looking forward.

Over the coming weeks, keep an eye out on the navigation menu up above as i'll be unveiling more elements to House Of Coce.